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120 min YUM YUM this Saturday in Munich + Live Accoustic Session by Fetsum!!!

This Saturday due to the christian holiday, we’ll have to close shop at 2am. Which means, doors will be open at 10pm. Make sure to show up early for the live show which will start at latest 11.30pm and last for a about a good hour, until we get into the YUM YUM sound for the remaining time, played with maximum pressure. The live show will be an accoustic set  by my man Fetsum, aka the Fetsum Duo consisting of an accoustic two piece band (vocals & accoustic guitar). Think Sweet Serenade on a very positive and soulful tip. Trust me, you are gonna love this. It doesn’t get more positive and uplifting than this. Ps check out his website to see what rave reviews he received for his recent Solo Album. So make sure to get your drink on and your hands in the air scenario will be compressed to about 120min + an amazing live show, that i had the pleasure of witnessing a few times before. Pure Sunshine!!! Fetsum::: website /// facebook /// itunes

PS more YUM YUM cities to follow very, very, very soon!

ps here he is, performing a Tracy Chapman cover. Good friend of mine, with open eyes and an open soul. He can see – those who know what i mean – know

Aloe Blacc live next wednesday (pres by kongress & chromemusic)

– or – the Renaissance of Stones Throw – and what my people have to do with it

So, Aloe Blacc & his ten piece Band (!) are playing in munich next week on wednesday, 3 days after the Oktoberfest has ended, and luckily we can spare him from witnessing german clichees come alive. But there is no talking about the Beerfest outside the Beerfest… k, back on topic… Aloe Blacc is one of the new gems that music has to offer and represents what we have been doing with YUM YUM 100%. His “I need a Dollar” tune is one of the defining songs of this new era, so to no surprise it was one of the most played songs of 2010 and became the theme song of the new HBO tv show “How to make it in America”(ft Kid Cudi) . In recent times people like him have become very very rare and for some time in the past few years it almost seemed as if all these “real” artists were extinct. But there are labels like Stone Throw that seem to have a renaissance these days with aspiring new artists such as croonestro Mayer Hawthorne and the aforementioned Mr Blacc. Defying the idea of overproduced, over-hyped acts and keeping it traditional – as Stones Throw always did.


“I Need A Dollar” (chrome remix)

And for some time it seemed as they had lost their touch with reality and while everything went digital and was craving all music digital and mp3s, they kept on putting out records and making some fine music. Always moody, always funk rooted, with quality control and with a sincere dedication. And by doing so they helped raise these artists and profoundly helped them come into existence and grab peoples attention. This year finally the time was right and the music was ripe. People got tired of the same old same old mp3 circus, and already instrumentalized net-hypes and frenzies where techno meets rap – and its the big new thing (nooot). To the Americans it seemed so hot to have a silly, cheesy techno beat and a rapper on top of that. Being european, we got tired of that in the early nineties, thats why we came up with down-tempo, mo wax, acid jazz and all its successors, drum & bass, jungle, garage etc at the then melting pot that was the London city of the 90ies.


Aloe Blacc “Miss Fortune”

Munich played an essential part in that time as well, since we bred a homegrown band named “the Poets of Rhythm” and these guys were, globally spoken, the first ones to bring back that long-lost funk & soul. To them and many other people it was a spiritual thing what they were doing and quality-wise it was such great material, that munichs big independent label of the 90ies “Compost” was actually born out of a scene that these guys and all their spin offs, friends and people that were influenced by them created. The label Compost was never mine, it was always too BMW for me (you dont get that expression if you are not from around here) but the Poets of Rhythm were the next best thing to the original funk and soul of the late 60ies and 70ies. Compost, through hard work and other things became a globally recognized label and the german equivalent of Talking Loud Rec in the uk, never quite as big but they helped spark the careers of kruder & dorfmeister and the likes. The Poets sparked a whole lot of spirit.


The Poets of Rhythm “More mess on my thing”

In 2002,  i remember meeting up with Egon, one of the guys running Stones Throw,  when we both were working for the Red Bull Music Academy and as we got into talking (and spliffing & drinking), we exchanged insights on music and i guess the higher philosophies on life. Jan W. was working with me at the Academy that summer, and Jan is theco-founder,  guitar player and one of the strong personalities of the “Poets” and also a good friend, and one of my 2 Dj partners for years to come. While the spliff was being circle-jerked i remember dropping their name “Poets of Rhythm” and pointing at Jan W. Egon was struck, he stopped in mid-sentence, stood up, looked all delighted at Jan and was like “You are the guys that started it ALL!” – I never knew, until that day, how many folks they had really influenced, and years later in Asia, i would find out even how many, many more, … but thats another story.

So to make that circle complete i figured, since we as “chromemusic” are doing the Aloe Blacc show next week, together with our buddies from the Ex-Registratur aka der Kongress (these days),  it would be best to include Jan W into the roster. He will be the DJ next wednesday and i know he will just set the right mood. So, we will turn this into a night with a concert instead of just a live-show, and we are gonna make it a lovely show as was the first Mayer Hawthorne gig.  I Rather have a real Dj play some nice tunes, have a nice party after the show and mellow meltdown before it, i wanna see people dancing – during the show and after the show. PS i will get behind the decks as well and finally me and Jan are gonna be re-visiting our soul roots, after we sparked YUM YUM some time ago. Thx for all the soul and lets make it a smooth, smooth night to remember.


Lyrics Born & The Poets Of Rhythm “I Changed My Mind”

Good to have you back, Stones Throw records and you too Jan (of Whitefield Brothers fame lol)


1. Aloe Blacc & band live in Puerto Giesing/ Munich – Djs that night JJ Whitefield & Chrome, Wednesday October 6th @ Puerto Giesing (how to get there via gmaps)

2. Get tickets here &&&  &  &&& Rsvp to the event on Facebook

3.  Chrome music on Facebook

4. Read the entire Poets of Rhythm story (way before dj shadow, cut chemist and everybody else)

****see you next week****

chromemusic pres. Aloe Blacc & Band live in Munich

After Mayer Hawthorne came over to make the munich’s soul stepper community go wild, der Kongress (aka Registratur) & chromemusic managed to get Aloe Blacc into Puerto Giesing this autumn. “I need a dollar” THE soul-summer-track 2010 and title song to the HBO series “How to make it in America” made him to a well known name and honorable representative of the Stones Throw label. Everybody is invited to have a great time with us and especially of course those who want to share this special soulful Aloe Blacc feeling of the everyday struggle at Munich’s exceptional harbor.

RSVP to the event on Facebook & find Aloe Blacc on twitter & facebook

Because of the three weeks Oktoberfest we decided to let the pre-selling star earlier. Tickets are limitted so go get your early birds before you spend all your money on beer and pretzls!

For tickets go to these fine Resellers: muenchenticket.de & ticketsonline.de


Chrome’s very own Wu-Tang x Aloe Blacc remix of this song:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/i-need-a-dollar-chrome-remix.mp3|titles=Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)]
Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)


Chiddy Bang Video – live in Munich – biggin up chromemusic and performing their tune “Kids”

via the new YUM YUM youtube channel.

These guys are ace… they interrupted their UK tour just to pay us a little visit and i gotta say, Xaphoon and Chiddy are the nicest guys around. We’ll make sure to put them on a proper tour around continental Europe. I think they anjoyed themselves and the crowd ate it up. I wasnt all happy with the soundman but the performance was real nice. Here is a video of them bigging up our site and performing their hit “Kids”

yes, it was that awesome…

chromemusic pres: CHIDDY BANG live in Munich this Sunday

check out their mighty nice video of “Kids”

Yes hands down, i am really looking forward to seeing these guys live. I found out about Chiddy Bang, i’d say about a year and a half ago, maybe longer. Not much after that, Xaphoon the producer started sending me promo mp3s of their latest tunes and mixtapes – you know how that game goes. And its really good to see them get around a bit internationally – not only on tour, but to currently reach the UK Charts and also the German Charts, cause not only to me are they probably the coolest new hip hop band around. Their sound is different, they sample Radiohead, Hot Chip, MGMT add some fine synth sounds and have some really nice rhymes on top…..and thats exactly how they made it on May 2009 mixtape YUM YUM Vol. 9.

So this Sunday they are playing live – for the first time in Germany !!! (like Stromae did @ YUM YUM in Berlin) – come down to see them perform live this Sunday in munich, i really wanted them to play live @ YUM YUM but we simply couldn’t find any matching dates. Anyways, thank god Mondays a holiday so this is gonna be a long night with my peoples Max Mausser & D-Nice taking over the turntables after the show and making it a great Sunday night venue. This is gonna be massive

RSVP to the party on Facebook  chromemusic pres. CHIDDY BANG live (live show & party)