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Cee Lo – F**k You (Jbmd Ska Remix)

Hamburgs own So Shifty guys sent this through a few days ago and even though everyone is thoroughly tired of this tune, this remix is worth mentioning. Not only cause i am a huge Ska fan, but mostly since its by far better than the original.

Here are more remixes by Jr Blender and more tunes by So Shifty.


Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Jr Blender Ska Remix)

The Slackers – You must be good


You must be gOOd! This amazing tune by the Slackers is taken from their amazing 1997 album “Redlight”. Its a pice of feelgod music and the entire album ranks in my all time top album charts, somewhere in my top 5. Open up inside and enjoy this one with the sun shining on you. Love, love, love…

Ps . this tune will be included on my new mixtape “Pacifics” and more info on that, coming soon.


The Slackers – You Must Be Good

Ps get all the Slackers material via their website or buy Redlight via itunes. Its definitely worth it. I just hope the Slackers will mve over to bandcamp.com , cause i feel like paying for good music, especially if its this gOOd, but i dont feel like promoting itunes or amazon at all.