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I am your puppet

Today we are posting quite a lot of YUM YUM favourites. Another one for the soul steppers. Nice cover versions and al right even if Sam Jackson cant sing a bit, but John Legend backs him up efficently. I guess i just love the original too much for me to not fall for the cover versions.


john legend-bernie mac-samuel l. jackson “im-your-puppet”

Raphael Saadiq – Bonus track

This ones called Kelly Ray and sticks to that 60ies sounding new formula thats incorporated into his entire new album. Lovely tune and Mr Saadiq really needs to make a leap over the ocean. There are countless people here who are waiting to catch him playing live. Too bad his music is still very poorly distributed in Central europe, and music company dorks are still telling me there is no market for that music, “its only a niche”. Well thats funny – whenever i play it in front of up to a 1000 heads – there are smiles on all the faces and people are singing the tunes they can’t possibly know or get anywhere. Come on this is prime time material – that has mainstream radio written all over it, and compared to the other radio music this is quality music with talent to back it up.


“kelly ray”_raphael saadiq

Soul Saviour

Another beautiful soul tune for the cold winter times, is Alicia Keys at her best. One of the few pop-status entertainers that i actually dig. Her new track Saviour has that new Soul touch that takes you back to the 60ies.



Q-tip & Raphael Saadiq “Fight Love”

Q-tip & Raphael Saadiq “Fight Love”


Q-tip & Raphael Saadiq “fight love”

Best tune of the new Tip Lp. I am no fan of that whole “featuring” thing. Sounds and feels like a solid Raphael Saadiq track. Who’s featuring who? But musically thats exactly the path Tip should be taking, he suits this track perfectly. A YUM YUM favourite for the early hours.

Knock – Knock – Knockin the boots

Knockin the boots, used to be a “fresh” expression in the early 90ies.

Also it was absolutely every girls favourite rap track by Candyman.

Sammy Bananas remixed it for his Braids & Fades EP on Fool’ Gold, which you can get right here at TTL.

Both digital & and as an actual record, just like back in the 90ies…


Sammy Bananas “Ladies”

the original Candy Man track (poor 128 kbit)


Candyman “Knockin Boots”