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Darondo Soul Drums Trishes Edits

Trishes is a pal from way back who i met through Fm4 in austria and he is always on some really soulful, classic stuff. Here is some new material that he sent through. Soemtimes good things just need a new outfit..


my edit of the gorgeous darondo song “didn’t i” has been out online for a bit (http://soundcloud.com/trishes/darondo-didnt-i-trishes-edit). now, it’s finally getting the vinyl treatment too thanks to the good
folks at the loud minority. these guys put on some of the most interesting shows and dj gigs here in vienna/austria and have now decided to press up limited edition 7″s from various friends. the
darondo edit on the a with an old favourite by bill withers on the flip, my contribution to this great series (which will also feature up hygh, dorian concept, the clonious, waxolutionists & lewis mccallum
among others) will drop in approximately february. hope you enjoy this and thanks in advance for your feedback & support! T. ”


A – Darondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)


B – Bill Withers – Make A Smile For Me (Trishes Edit)

Sade new song “Soldier of Love”


Being the huge Sade fan i have been for so many years, about 20 years now, its been almost a decade since her last release and i am totally looking forward to the new one. This is her new song and even though i generally hate songtitles with the words “war, soldier,..” or anything military in it, Sade as in previous years is an exception to the rule or all rules in general. If its gonna be anything like any of her previous albums i am gonna be listening to this one for the next 10 years.

In general i don’t believe in the concept of albums these days, when observed from an evolutionary point of view – this mechanical item is simply dated, but once again Sade is also an exception to this rule. Enjoy


Sade – Soldier of Love

Repost from 2007: Al Green “Gotta find a new World” YUM YUM Edit


REPOST from Oct. 19th 2007


Gotta find a new World (YUM YUM edit)” – Check out our Edit of Al Greens classic, which incorporates the drums from Amy Winehouse favourite “I am no good” as produced by Mark Ronson. Also a little Wu-Tang (Method Man) vocal is dropped in the middle of the edit, primarily because this Al Green song gained popularity in the mid 90ies when it was sampled by the RZA and used as the sole sample source for Ghostface Killah’s “Iron Maiden”? track from his debut album. Ps. True story: I used to play this song, for years until the vinyl – Shaolin Soul vol 1- actually broke one night when i was out playing. Somebody dropped it on the floor and stood on it for quite some time. Then it took me 2 years to find another vinyl copy, and after i finally did i had to go for a 180gr pressing which is just not suitable for playing. Played it anyway and i think an edit/version of this song was long overdue. So here it is – make sure to play it out loud.