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The Internet – Purple Naked Ladies Album, “She Dgaf” + “Cocaine Rmx” & a short documentary

The Internets debut Album “Purple Naked Ladies” has so far been my favourite piece of longplayer music this year, even though it was already (at least partially) on everybody’s heary things last year, due to two already great videos. This is one of those albums where you definitely need the entire album to experience the richness of the sound design and its unique atmosphere and it sounds like nothing else out there. Nonetheless here are two songs to get an idea. Fast Lane was the prominent video from last year and the remix is a non album tune from their free Bonus Songs Ep, so do yourself a favour and go and get both. PS you have surely heard “Fast Lane” & “She don’t give a fuck” if you have been at any YUM YUM party in 2012. Absolute favourites of ours!

Find The Internet on their: WebsiteTumblr – or buy their album via Juno


The Internet – She Dgaf


The Internet – Cocaine (Little Dragon remix)

the internet [documentary] from WhoIsBrass on Vimeo.

Erykah Badu *I Want You (Rancido’s Deepersoul Edit)

Just stumbled across this great Edit of one of my favourite Badu tracks. This is how i found out about Rancido, hailing from Amsterdam, here is his Website and his Soundcloud , which has tons of more truly deep & soulful tunes. This reminded me to check for more soulful material in the next week and it reminded me to pay more trips to Badus Facebook Page. Ps I included the entire (and amazing) Deepersoul Edits Set. Enjoy


Erykah Badu – I Want You (Rancido’s Deepersoul Edit)

Flip Da Beat – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

sweet soulful, tune with a strong nu-disco feel to it, i can listen to it for hours (while watching the Delorean accelerate :) perfect for these early hours or the really, really late ones. get it via Juno


Flip Da Beat – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

“Four Women” Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor & Ledisi

nina simone

A modern, soulful classic – thats what this song is to me. Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor & Ledisi lay down the title song to the movie “For colored girls” . I dont know anything about that movie, nor did i care googling it (and i dont mean that in the Tracy Morgan sense ) might be good, might be bad – i am not too much into movies, but good musics good music, and if i was still the mad record collector i was back in the day i would have hunted that tune down. Ps there is a new Janelle Monae song on that album! Definitely worth checking!


Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor, & Ledisi – Four Women