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Carpe Diem by Stabby Organs

Stabby Organs enter the field, new contender for most chilled track with a soulful disco 70’s rare groove Roy Ayers type of vibe. Dig it. While there is still room for him to improve lyrically or beatwise, this is a solid first entry. Enjoy it very much!

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So Much THIS! Cupidon – Be The One (feat. Tierra)


Be. the. One.

Tired of soul music yet? One of our very own boys, Shoyu, and his partner Golow, who is a super nice & talented fellow, laid down this soulfull gem of track, completely ignoring the standard arrangement patterns of today and going more for an intuitive flow of the prevailing vibe, beautifully laid down by the minimalist instrumentation and Tierras super sexy vocals. So if you think Kaytranada is the shiat, this will surely please you, and if you liked soulful loft music of the mid to late 80s, which has survived up until today through each new generation transporting the vibe and the originals in their dj sets and productions —> this one is most def for you. And since this is their very first effort and they have just set up their socials last Thursday, while they were already trending for a full week on Spotify USA’s & Canada’s Viral Chart and many more playlists, i am super curious to see where the path will lead these two young guns. Welcome gents, you are much appreciated in the world of music! Just the way i like my spicy cereal!

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Label Track Info : “Be The One” is Cupidons first release as a duo. For this vibrant track they also teamed up with American singer Tierra Wilson. “Be The One” has the perfect mixture of contemporary laid back electronic pop tune with a smooth r&b touch – a song for long roadtrips into the sunset or staying indoors with a fine glass of wine while exploring the couch. Quality music for quality moments.


Ante Perry feat. Cosmo Klein – One More Try (Original)


In the last 2 years a lot of talk has been going on about Deep House, while it actually had little to do with Deep House in its traditional sense. It was more like a new genre of beatmakers who had to come up with a genre name or a simply a tag for their tunes and Soundcloud uploads. And that’s why it’s even more fascinating to see an actual classy, soulful and really well produced Deep House tune go down on Soundcloud and staying unnoticed while all the remixers, who come up with the simplest of remixes of fancy pop stars make the rounds and have thousands and thousands of likes and comments.

Now this here is an actual ueber funky tune that deserves to get some spotlight. Ante Perry delivers a very delicate and tasteful key driven sound scape for the great vocals of Cosmo Klein to shine (no pun/rhyme intended). “One more try” will remind you of great tunes and days gone by, that is having a renaissance these days, if you happen to follow the young clublands. Perfect match for those warm summer nights and proper soul infused tune for the connoisseurs. This actually needs a vinyl release!

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This is my jam of jams, right about now! Musical mastermind Peshay sent this heavy, heavy tune through 1-2 weeks ago and i have been killing it ever since. This is proper Uk style d&b (pardon me – London sound), released on V-recordings beginning of march – so a brand spanking new release with no expiry date (the whole ep is a killer btw). A welcome switchup to the downtempo madness of today – no wonder dubstep prducers look up to these pioneers that paved the way for no-nonsense producers of non-conformist sounds that become the trademark of the Uk Dance scene, despite the fact that them major labels and a&r’s tried to sell us all this pop band shit back in the 90’s (as well). Funkster mixes really well with whatevers on your plate before, since it belittles every other tune (like ivan drago did apollo) and leaves you craving for more. An uplifting tune that hits the floor really hard and that has a punch to match. No noise, pure feel good vibes written all over this one – deservedly called Funkster! Ps Get the Ep and check out track #6 called “Together”, which had people jumping around in a frenzy last saturday.

Ps @Vanessa, since i know you’re stalking me : High heels + going apeshit = bad combination! lol… and you should feel bad….hahahaha

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On a sidenote: The man did the best, and up to this date still enjoyable version, of Adele’s Rolling in the deep a few years back, besides the many game changing records he released throughout the years (but that’s another story). Just for fun and made a proper, proper late night funk tune for the floor – just ask anyone who knows how to really  move the crowd w/o premeditated sets and peer effect chasing sets. Believe you me, i see your girl on the floor. Completely ignoring the pop appeal of 2011’s biggest tune, its catchy vocals and going in in for the kill with that heavy, heavy funk and Adele incorporated and warped up in the sound. Someone knows how to fucking produce. Here is his take on Adeles “Rolling in the deep“. I guess i’m through with the ass kissing.

Alicia Keys “Tears always win” / “Brand New Me” from the new Album “Girl on Fire”

Just bought myself the brand new Alicia Keys album, at times she appears to be too much, with her feature singing – almost crooning,  and her overall presence in celebrity mags and the whole media circus, but in comparison to other artists, she is capable of so much musically and i thoroughly enjoy all her albums – and here is another karma point: she seems to be able to produce a genuine smile. The new album “This girl is on fire” is no different and much appreciated are her positive messages throughout the album. I have subconciously picked a few favourites already, although there is not a single weak song on here, but these two just stick with me: “Tears always Win” + “”Brand New Me” . I can only recommend the entire album, since this is one of these LPs you don’t reget owning after a while or that feels like extra weight in your collection – like so many records do – on and offline. A sincere thank you for the album


Alicia Keys – Brand New Me


Alicia Keys – Tears Always Win