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Mat McHugh – Strange Days (wolfskind Remix)


If you go this way you will get an idea of how much we appreciate Mat McHughs music. And actually even himself. Even more since we had the chance to have a chat on skype with him and his manager. Yep, to visit these guys is def one stop on our “CM travels the world and meets all the great music lovers and makers in real life” tour. If you follow this link you will find out how much we celebrate the young talented producer and remixer Wolfskind. And if you just stay here and press play you will know why this song is something special: Mat McHughs lovely song “Strange Days” put in a new robe by Wolfskind. Fighting against the new Soundcloud rules he gave us just a snippet to listen to but this makes it even more exciting. We already followed the buy link to get the whole song and it’s no disappointment at all.

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