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Character – I am No 1 on hypem, But wait… hell nooo, eff this… Pls share!!!

A short story that happened last week:

Look i made this folk remix of Europes Überanthem Alors on Danse not too long ago, Stromae is a good friend of chromemusic and we were the first ones last summer to start promoting his tune before he even got signed and brought him over to Berlin and bla, bla etc, etc. When Joe told me today my remix hit the #1 spot on the hypem charts, i was real glad, but he also said i wouldnt like it. (When i first posted my mix – it was barely 2 dozen people that “hearted” it. Got great feedback though, not only when i played it out but also the manager of “Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly” Paul Bonham wrote me how much he liked the tune and many more people etc.)

Along comes this blog called “duurt-lang.nl” grabs the remix off our blog and it hits the #1 spot on hypem. Great news, cool guys and thanks guys.  Oh and by the way: they deleted my name, the name of the remix, the pic & most the tags my mp3 had. Most blogs add their tags to other blogs mp3s but always keep the names of all the artists on it (and the remixers)! Not them. They simply erased me and everything that said chromemusic, not on some random mp3 but on our own remix!

So no credit where a little credit is due! Thanks a lot duuuhhh-lang.nl – i made it a remix you made it a nameless mashup. Honestly i was disappointed big time by these guys and not much i could do about it, except salute all the guys that left gangsta comments on their blog post – it was a joy reading that (to be honest).

It was a moronic thing to do, but them guys from duuuuuh-lang apologized and re-upped it, which of course is a cool move but doesnt help once the tune has left the #1 position. damage is done, the benefit of sharing equals zero to us now.  So cool blog indie shuffle has re-upped it as well (i salute you) with a proper mp3 tag and the mp3 they got from the dutch blog – thx guys, but this ones not gonna go back to the #1 spot. So let me re-up it as well (with the usual ‘artist vs artist’ crap, so that people pick up on it). Totally Ducks sick!

Share on Facebook, twitter, heart it on hypem, playgrounds, ipods and roca-pads lol, and spread this properly named mp3. For more of my remixes & other versions go here. NUFF SAID

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Alors-on-D.A.N.C.E.chrome-edit.mp3″ title=”Title of audio file” graphical=”true”]

Alors-on-D.A.N.C.E.(chrome edit)

new massive YUM YUM, this Saturday August 14th in Munich

Saturday, Aug 14th
Puerto Giesing, Munich (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Max Mausser /Not:fx
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Top Tunes August

After the last fabulous and Über-massive YUM YUM a few weeks back (where even a dozen “Stormtroopers” showed up), which now already seems like years ago, we are really looking forward to this Saturday. Its the three of us putting on our new + old favourites and latest in YUM YUM sound (Make sure to recheck & share this months YUM YUM top tunes). The Set up & decoration of Puerto will be up another notch, getting better and better like we promised you. So grab your dancing shoes and see you at this massive dance


Alors on Danse (YUM YUM Summers here version)

YUM YUM Top Tunes for august 2010

YY top tunes august 2010

Enjoy this months YUM YUM top tunes selection, as always tried and tested. Hopefully the suns gonna c0me back soon so we can really start enjoying this summer. Ps Its all a ride anyway, so enjoy it all & let a little love in your heart


Neon Hitch – “Drop it like its hot” (Snoop)


Andre 3000 – All Together Now” (The Beatles)


Gyptian – Hold Yuh (YUM YUM edit)


Daville “Love you more”


Stromae & get Cape, wear, fly “Alors on Danse” (YUM YUM Summers here version)


Lail Arad – “everyone is moving to Berlin”


Kelis “In for the Kill” (La Roux)


John Legend & the Roots ft Melanie Fiona & Common-“Wake-up-everybody”


Jay-Z ft. Lil Wayne “Summer in Brooklyn” (Cookin Soul Quincy Jones Rmx)


Plan B – “She said” (YUM YUM edit)


Bobby Womack “What is this” (Maxey & Fred Spider edit)


Jan Delay – “Air Max” (Vybz)

Stromae – this week in Munich

After Stromae played his first show in Germany at YUM YUM Berlin, Munich will be able to see his live show this week.

Alors on danse this summer in Munich

Here´s an other track from Stromae i love to play in my sets.


stromae- te quiero

Short recap of last weekend’s tri-saster

Here is a short clip of Stromae performing ‘Alors On Danse’ at last YUM YUM in Berlin. You can read a full review at Palina’s blog including some pictures (in German though).

Dan and I had ball at YUM YUM in NRW as well and from what I heard Tommy killed it in Ingolstadt. Unfortunately no pictures available at the time. We’re sorry about that and promise to work sth. out till next time.