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Pure Summer Vibes! SEASIDE HIGHLIFE “Sideways” by The YUM YUM’s

Soundcloud is over and Spotify is the new playground. This track came out 5 months ago and it’s more than destined for the summer time and beyond, much further beyond. Pretty much like Matt Simmons or many of the other tracks with that beach, tropical, summer feel in mind. It has amassed over 3 Mio plays so far (!!) and is grinding out loads of plays on different college radios and on Spotify on the daily, while it’s still far from peaking! . Funny how that all changed and Spotify alone is the driving force behind this tune, w/o any promotion whatsoever. Let’s see where Spotify pushes this tune to show its dominance and make it among the first tunes to climb the ladder from within Spotify to the outside world…So now here is the first “promotional post” for Sideways which is the very first of many tunes to come by Seaside Highlife. Reminsicent of many things like Milky Chance (Songwriter), Kungs (Horn Drop), Matt Simmons (Tropical Feel) and many more along the lines. Pure summer time feel and feel good fun. Plus that funk feel gives me the goosebumps. “I see you dancing…” Have a greta summer!

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Fidelity and Summertime

While on the road or in the sun for four months last year, and actually even longer if i count all the many weeks travelling in between and coming back here, there were a couple of songs which i kept on listening to on repeat. Since i feel my insides longing to live in another place, with it being so cold and dark here, these tracks come back to mind and are a steady companion at all times.

One was Regina Spektors – Fidelity.

heres the audio version: fidelity_regina spektor


the other one was: sam-cooke-summertime . i had this song on my headphones till all of south-east-asia got tired of hearing it.


2 old sayings comes to mind when i hear these songs:

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.” & “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”