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#EP Release: Winterkind ft. Michael Lane – Let It Go [+ The YUM YUM’s Remix]

‘Let it go’ including the remix by ‘The YUM YUM’s’ is finally on Spotify!

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It’s mostly the best things you have to wait for the longest. This friday the first single “Let it Go” by the German Producer Winterkind together with the American singer songwriter Michael Lane will officially be released. After last years’ online success and going around on youtube for a while the song got stuck in heads of many producers, Dj’s and guys out of the industry. So it’s the generic way to let songs like this one grow and breathe. With this high potential to get on the radio and stay on many summer playlists for a long time this track isn’t meant to be just a one of thing. So it ended finally up in a whole EP including 3 more mixes.

The YUM YUM’s have made it up on this EP as well and just like that you can call it their first official Remix. Read more of the YUM YUM’s here and make sure to keep all the wonderful musicians I am telling you about in mind bc I am pretty sure that’s by far not the end of this story!

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Listen to the whole EP on Spotify or pre order the EP instantly!

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#Premiere: Körner – Abstürzen (Achtabahn Remix)


There are times when everything seems to fall apart. You are getting lost in your own illusions in this world. You are falling. Over & Over again. And when this part is over there follows something incredibly beautiful: You learn how to fly [again]. And you will love this feeling and start to share it with your loved ones. So you can learn how to fly together.

Achtabahn is helping you with this path. Their new Remix of Körner’s Song “Abstürzen” is the perfect mix of dreamy lyrics and a bit of romantic combined with their uplifting and energizing deep house skills will lift you up and face your problems from above.

Well known in the deep house circle is Achtabahn flying around with some official releases for big names like Oh Wonder, Matthias Schweighöfer and Sarah Connor. Highly active online they are placed in the biggest playlists of  e.g. “Mr. Revillz” or the “The Vibe Guide”. For Achtabahn there is together with Körner just one way: UP!

Free DL : http://bit.ly/kornerfreedl

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Sander W & Fanfar – ESC (ft Alexander & AlexURL)

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Sometimes the only thing we need in this world, is to escape from our daily routines or daily impressions and drag ourselfs into something new. This can be a country we’ve never been before or simply a new song we can listen & dance to all day long. This song transports that kind of freedom we all carry within ourselfs and is the perfect soundtrack for your weekend. Hope you like it as much as we do.

Listen: youtu.be/a6gwplpXxmg
Free Download: bit.ly/1XUbAK5

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