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Killing in the name of… RATM covers

I. the first version was sent to me by one of our readers, and its quite a great one submitted by Alexis Maizel and heres what he wrote: “I enclose you a recent cover by a French folk band called ‘La maison Tellier’ of the classical ‘Killing in the Name Of” by RATM. I have no affiliation whatsoever with ¬†this band (but for the citizenship), but really dig the track. It would blend quite nicely in one of your next “Sweet Serenade” mixtape. Listen and enjoy.”


La Maison Tellier – Killing In the Name (RATM cover)

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II. The 2nd version almost made it onto my Sweet Serenade Mixtape Vol.3. Maybe next time, great nonetheless and the smoothest of the three.


Biffy Cyro – Killing in the name of (RATM cover)

III. Version No 3 comes from the Apples, its a pure funk, soul infused monster, that make the crowd scream the prominent hook in the breakdown. Great throwdown tune for any party.


The Apples – Killing in the name of (RATM cover)