Killing in the name of… RATM covers


I. the first version was sent to me by one of our readers, and its quite a great one submitted by Alexis Maizel and heres what he wrote: “I enclose you a recent cover by a French folk band called ‘La maison Tellier’ of the classical ‘Killing in the Name Of” by RATM. I have no affiliation whatsoever with  this band (but for the citizenship), but really dig the track. It would blend quite nicely in one of your next “Sweet Serenade” mixtape. Listen and enjoy.”


La Maison Tellier – Killing In the Name (RATM cover)

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II. The 2nd version almost made it onto my Sweet Serenade Mixtape Vol.3. Maybe next time, great nonetheless and the smoothest of the three.


Biffy Cyro – Killing in the name of (RATM cover)

III. Version No 3 comes from the Apples, its a pure funk, soul infused monster, that make the crowd scream the prominent hook in the breakdown. Great throwdown tune for any party.


The Apples – Killing in the name of (RATM cover)