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“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis…” [Notorious B.I.G.s Juicy – Steeldrum Cover by John That]

Don’t know much about John That, except that his kind way, makes up for the tune not being perfect – but it’s sheer fun (steeldrums!), so i guess that’s where his personality shines through. Read for yourself:

“This is from my upcoming summer ’12 mixtape. Juicy has always been one of my favorite hip-hop tracks so I wanted to put a little bit of a reggae/rock twist on it. My names John That and I’m originally from the seacoast of NH, US and currently in the middle of a migration to San Diego (holed up in AZ as we speak). I’ve been making music by myself over the last few months with a Sublime-esque sound that reflects my reggae, acoustic pop, indie rock and hip-hop influences. Some of my biggest fans are in Europe and I’d really appreciate any help getting more exposure outside the US. Thanks for taking your time to check me out. Cheers, John”

… more exposure outside the US? Here you go… signed the Internet.

Supercat – the Don Dada

don dada

Super Cat got me into Reggae – here is the promised 2nd part to some of his music and some songs from his early 90ies album “Don Dada”, which i caught a glimpse of while i was in NY in 93/94. Flex was on the radio, Souls of Mischief proclaimed the year to be timeless, Black Moon had everyone open and Wu-Tang was the word of the year. I mean Nas “Illmatic” came out early/mid 94 and Queen Latifahs “U.N.I.T.Y” was one of the best promoted albums and tracks i had ever seen. The best party was Phunky Buddha at Nells a proper hipster crowd (hipsters in the early 90ies was something completely different), Jackie 60 had some legendary Acid Jazz nights, the Tunnel was a rowdy hiphop crowd on Wednesdays and the Lions Den had some amazing Reggae afternoons – and my reggae mixtapes were bought at 555Soul. Actually i was a massive fan of the Cat but as soon as his hiphop mixes caught on – man, i was hooked. Have fun kids.


Super Cat – Them_No_Worry_We


Super Cat – Big And Ready

super cat

Here are the hiphop mixes that i am playing every now and then up to this day. but i think they were in 92 – not really sure and too lazy to look up the record sleeves. Ps recognize the sample on Dolly my Baby? Herbie Hancocks “Watermelon Man”. Chocolate breadcrumbs on the way down memory lane. There are many sites on the Internet, but https://casinoreg.net provides inexperienced players with the most detailed casino FAQ


Super_Cat, Mary_J. Blige, Puff_Daddy, Notorious_B_I_G – “Dolly_My_Baby”_Remix


Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (Hip Hop Remix)