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YUM YUM this Saturday, Apr 16th @ 100Meister

Hands down. Another massive YUM YUM at the Hundertmeister is upon us this Saturday. Personally looking forward to this one because I haven’t been spinning for two weeks and DJ duties will be up Tipura and myself.

Tipura runs things in Stuttgart and will be joining our NRW family for the first time. So let’s all make sure to give him a very warm welcome since he’s as eager to play as I am.

Doors will be open at 11PM as always. Please make sure to check our latest YUM YUM Top Tunes for April so you know what to expect musicwise.

Aaaaaaaaaand don’t forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook, join our group and/or subscribe to our (German) newsletter. If I remember why – I’ll let you know ;)


John Legend – Rolling in the deep (not.fx remix)

Tipuras Chromemusic Favs 2010

tipuras chromemusic favs 2010

Here it is. My own mixed version of 2010. Those of you following our releases on a regular basis might notice that some of the tunes are shared in other yum yum-mixes too. Well, as we consider ourselves a big family at yum yum, we share (almost) everything, tunes included! Have fun enjoying this one.



YUM YUM New Years Eve Party in Munich @ Münchner Stadtmuseum

Yes, finally here is the announcement for our YUM YUM New Years Eve Party. We are doing a huge Co-op party called ‘One Nation under a Viertel’ on New Years at an amazing venue, @Münchner Stadtmuseum, and its only a 3 min walk away from Gärtnerplatz, and a good 2 min from Marienplatz. Being this central, its everyones area code. We are really looking fwd to this huge come together of most our peoples & friends and we have so many YUM YUM djs in town that night, that we decided to do YUM YUM on 2 areas/floors.

Rsvp to the event on Facebook

To avoid last years confusion, you cant get online tickets, but just physical tickets to avoid delays at the door. So you can either: 1.  just come by and get a ticket or 2. buy some in advance.

Tickets being sold at these fine shops:

Our Partner shops carry the tickets and with each ticket you will get our latest YUM YUM mix CD for free:
874, Eisenmannstr. 2 (http://bit.ly/dI2Txt)
WESC Store, Fürstenfelderstr. 12 (http://bit.ly/g8quZV)

Chicas, Am Schützeneck 3 (http://bit.ly/fFQRPf)

Amen, Corneliusstr. 1 (http://bit.ly/fmVY2l)

More Tickets at these fine stores:
Meschugge 54, Türkenstraße 54 (http://bit.ly/e5FmNP)

Schwabing/Münchner Freiheit
Carhartt Store, Münchner Freiheit 2 (http://bit.ly/hu9uaU)

Glockenback Viertel
Soda, Rumfordstr. 3 (http://bit.ly/gP2xDF)

Here is a map of the location (ps we will also have an outdoor area, be in for a treat)

New YUM YUM Stuttgart this Saturday @ Schräglage


This Saturday YUM YUM Stuttgart takes place at Schräglage. After having some pretty nice parties down there I’m heading down south to Stuttgart for the first time and I’m pretty much looking forward to dj the latest in YUM YUM Sound and Music with our buddy Tipura who’s representing 0711 and YUM YUM Stuttgart.

If you haven’t already check out the 0711 blog which is pretty nice (plus I wrote a short guest post)!

Finally here is some feel good music to get you started into this sunny day. I hope it’s sunny where ever you are too!


Lady Daisey – Soul Strut

aaaaaaaand don’t forget to RSVP to the event and join us on Facebook.

PS: You may have noticed that I didn’t post the flyer. That’s simply because we used the image for quite some events now and I want to avoid any confusion. But you can check out the flyer over at the 0711 blog and on facebook as well. Enjoy!