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Top Friend Party this friday/Jan 16th in munich with Bass.Ill.Euro/Passion

Get ready for a massive dance with Passion, Schu & Not:fx this Friday, Jan 16th @ Registratur, munich. 3rd installment of the Top Friend Party. I might be involved – we’ll see about that. Still haven’t figured out all details, like if area 2 is open or not and what is being palyed there. YUM YUM  will not take place this Friday – just to let you know. Still working out some details and deals with other places/ locations for one – offs. We’ll keep you informed.

Ps if it is delivered in time, the new WeSC mixCd by Chrome & Schowi will be handed out this Friday. A nice free give a way & a MixCd that is getting some crazy response form about everywhere.

Top Friend Party – event on Facebook (some extra music on Facebook)

Top Friend Party Recap@ Erste Liga on Jan 5th

it was a tough night after all the parties around christmas and NYE, so people were a bit worn out. And it started packing late but then turned into good night. Djs were me myself Chrome doing the top friend part and Hubertus & Martin as Liga residents – who going mostly for the Disco approach. It was wild and we set the note. here are a few iphone snaps of the night. and below you’ll find one the tracks with the most crowd response.

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Top Friend Party @ Erste Liga

This is gonna be a jumping madhouse. Really looking forward to playing the weirdness. If you have been to any of our YUM YUM parties within the last 6 months, and i know you have, you have probably checked out our 2nd area – which has constantly been our Top Friend Party – and always went down a storm. You know what to expect tonight @ Erste Liga. Its officially titled Resident Rock vs Top Friend and the Djs will be Chrome (Top Friend Party) & Hubertus Becker (as Liga resident). Don’t forget to get our free Top Friend MixCd – which will be out in 7 days. See you tonight.

Here is a Top Friend Favourite. Have been coining this little jam for the longest.



Top Friend Party @ Cafe King, Munich this Saturday

Title: Top Friend Party
Location: Cafe King, muellerstr
Description: Top Friend Party @ Cafe King, Munich with Not:Fx, Schu & Norbert Schiegl,
Start Date: 2008-11-29
Start Time: 23:00
You know what to expect when we finally start to get down, on our on and off top friend party.

here is my favourite top friend tune at present:


“township-funk” Rob 3

YUM YUM & Bday Party at Registratur this Friday

YUM YUM this Friday, November 21st will be our birthday party with almost all the YUM YUM djs coming down: Schu, Not:Fx, Schowi, Tand & Max and my self. Like written so often before – this will be the start of our petit tour (FFM, Munich & Berlin) – you know thats the tshirts and the whole stuff we hooked up with K-swiss. Recheck the YUM YUM tees and get some. Ps our Tour Cds will be handed out to the first guests. No need to tell ya this night is gonna a be a massive round up of creative folks and full blast of YUM YUM material and sound. So join us for our b-day party @ Registratur. This is definitely gonna be our last b-day party at this venue since its supposed to be closed down somewhen next year. Ps there is gonna be a Top Friend floor in area 2. see you Friday..

A great track to play that night will be this one…



(been a favourite of ours for at least 2 months now)

YUM YUM Munich this Friday Nov 7th with pure summer vibes

This one s gonna be really huge – if last YUM YUM in munich was an indicator – check the last comic book , it will going down this Friday @ Registratur in Munich with Djs Chrome & Special Guest Anonymous (Helsinki/FIN) and 2nd area being a Top Friend Floor with Not:fx & Norbert Schiegl. Finally the transcending phase is over where we had to re-convert our audience to new musical styles – but still keeping the whole YUM YUM vibe of friendly lively soulful music with a singing audience filled with smiley faces. The YUM YUM crowd took it with extreme ease and adapted just like we did and now they are the ones pushing things. They know whats up – it seems only the other promoters and clubdjs (with a few exceptions) haven’t caught up yet and are still booking and playing yesteryears music. All musical boundaries are only in your heads, i have been playing that wildstyle all my life and now the time is ripe since most ipods have better music to offer than the average dj – meaning thre is a wide acceptance in the audience if not demanding.

The new website design is doing its thing as well our newly set up yumbrella network. Ps this month we will try something different with this months YUM YUM top tunes. You will be the ones deciding what the charts will be. Have fun and come back Thursday for the final results.

Enjoy all the other new entries & music.

Ps we will be handing out the YUM YUM tour Cd this Friday. The first 100 guests will each receive one.