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this Friday: Top Friend Special @ Erste Liga with Chrome & Schowi

Another biggie coming your way this Friday, March 13th. We are throwing a Top friend Special at Erste Liga. The two guys responsible for the WeSC Mixtape, will be bringing you the latest in chromemusic tunes – you know what tracks i am talking about, if you keep checking back with our site reguarly. Warmup sounds will be provoded by none other than YUM YUMs own Tand Williams. If you came down to any of the previous Top Friend nights at Erste Liga you know this night is gonna be real huuuge… Make sure to show up early.

Schowi and me can’t wait to team up again. We love playing together, no matter how we always turn the party out and contribute to each others sound and preferences and, and, and..

Ps 2 – if you havent heard yet, YUM YUM Berlin (Schowis Party) was so far the best party this year, as anybody can witness who was there 10 days ago. Next one in Berlin is gonna be on Sat. March 28th. More infos coming soon.

Here are 2 tunes to get you warmed up for this Fridays Top Friend Special @ Liga:



and my personal favourite (had to be a new A-trak rmx):



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Recap of Top Friend at erste Liga last Saturday Feb 7th

Well it doesn take too much to flip the vibe in any place – we had a cheering crowd from 12.30 on. Usually the place packs at 2.00 from what i got told by co-dj Martin, who is a resident at Liga. We did a great job delivering everyone a good time and even went out with an half an hour crunk set – yay. Big up to the rookie who was playing with us – thats really his name – i am not being a prick here – but he knows about the net and new music and is into it instead of bragging about the good old days… blah, blah.., one of the few people these days. All the top friend/ YUM YUM tunes went down like butter and made the floor burst but i remember this one going down especially well. Great night great vibe and i think everybody who came down, remembers pretty much how good this night went down. Seems like Top Friend is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Lets fucking ‘ave it…



Top Friend vs resident Rock @ Erste Liga this Sat. Feb 7th

Yes its going down once again, we did this night once on the 5th of January and it turned out to be a great party although people were screwed up by then from all the holiday parties that went down the weeks before. So here is our follow up to that night and i hope to see you all come down for this one..

Djs Chrome & Martin Peter (as far as i know – well lets see). Great tune for this night will be this here:



Download & Tracklist of the WeSC Superlative Mix by Chrome & Schowi +++ Party this Saturday Jan 31st @ Cafe King

The full CD gonna be handed out at the WeSC / Top Friend Party this Saturday @ Cafe King. Djs will be Chrome & Schowi. Expect more goodies from the WeSC folks. Starts early at 10pm and will be open till the real late hours. Me and Schowi are looking forward to playing together again. The mix will give you an idea what you can expect. Should be a good night, especially since Jhi, the guy running Cafe King, amped up his Soundsystem, to give it that special boom thats needed for a proper Top Friend night. Also since this is supposed to be the kick-off night for the Winter Ispo and we are dealing with the We guys, expect this to be a mad house – don’t worry though, all the snowboard kiddies should be hanging out at the other popular snwbrd parties. So come down and join us for a proper Top Friend Extravaganza.

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WeSC Mix part-1-chrome


WeSC Mix part-2-schowi

full tracklist:

Short recap of last YUM YUM @ 100Meister

Well what can I say… last Saturday was off the hook and I’m still recovering. In fact we had to close the doors at around 1 AM because the club was that much packed packed. Max and I had such a blast and finally I got used to digital djing. Really freaked me out for a while… so thanks for making this one mine!

Unfortunately our photograph is MIA and I haven’t heard anything… so honestly I don’t know if there are any pictures. But if some occur I’ll sure post them. If you’ve shot some hook me up via tand@chromemusic.de.

In fact the place was so much crowded that we will rearrange the stage setting and move the dj booth back to the wall so people can actually dance on stage. Since the stage is crowded anyways this is no big deal to us but will give you some more room for your fancy footwork.

PS: Since I got that asked a lot… we’re also thinking about doing some Top Friend Stuff in the Ruhr Area. We’ll keep you posted abou that. Cheers.