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Real deep, goosebump material: “real” (feat. Liv Stockton) by Snocker Cot


Just let the track unfold, for a minute, until it really sinks in. The longer it runs the more it creates that eery feeling of a haunted house and memories of a time long gone by or that never even happened. Great production by an artist i just got introduced to. Many modern tracks miss to create that certain feeling, and this one easily captures it, even though it drifts off into instrumental parts of the song that do not sound ‘real’ but more like an illusion, a state of mind fuck.

I only wish the track was longer… Great beatmaker, good vocals and highly recommended for every chill / learn / work / night drive / space the fuck out – playlist. The old genre “Trip Hop” comes to mind!

I for one welcome our new trippy overlords!

Analogue Monsta – Boom Album [Free DL] & Time To

Tokimonsta & Suzy Anlogue form Analogue Monsta, pretty self explanatory, and this tunes my jam for the weekend [at least]. Check out the video and do yourself a huge favour and get your aural perceptors a sonic remedy in form of this Album. Available as a free Download right here Anlogue Monsta – Boom [ps this has been around since april,damn]†

Analogue Monsta : Website : Facebook /// Tokimonsta: Soundcloud

the description to their video: “Ready for the fractalization of your frontal lobe? With their faded beats and vibrant vocals, Analogue Monsta (aka Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA) enter a world of awe-inspiring animation. Directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights.”