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Mr. Vegas – Pum Pum Shorts ft. Teairra Mari & Gyptian (video)

Ever since he really exploded on the scene in ’99 Mr Vegas has been a contsant reaggae hit guarantee. Like i said in the previous post, chromemusic favourite & YUM YUM all time anthem supplier Mr Vegas seems to be on fire, and this might be a flashy video, that you would expect from a 2004 Beyonce mixed with some Busta Rhymes a decade ago, and that would be more than just played these days, but its Mr Vegas and in my book he can get away with anything, and as always he delivers another prime timer for the dancefloor (its so catchy, its reminiscent of the 2002/03 duty rock sean paul).

Teairra Mari (Feat. Mr. Vegas & Gyptian) – Pum Pum Shorts
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pure Island Vibes: Mr Vegas – Mi tuff like steel

This has been on top of my playlist and my favourite dancehall tune for the last 2 months or so, Mr Vegas on the mighty Blaze Fya Riddem. A definite YUM YUM track to play at any party, even though it starts out a bit cheesy, it quickly unwinds into a dancehall stomper. Of course the boys are tuff like steely and the sexy girls bodies start exposing… hahahaha… pretty much sums up dancehall in general. love this tune, lol


Mr Vegas – Mi tuff like Steel

Jay-z & Kayne “Otis” (Cookin Soul Rmx)

Isn’t it just hilarious how in times of mass unemployment, in times of complete change, where the world is in upheaval and turmoil is finally spreading to the filthy rich that leave the poor no room to breathe and live, and where becoming rich is no longer the ultimate goal, but is being despised by a new generation, Jay-z & Kanye do everything to show off their riches and appeal to the most illusional of desires? It is out of sync with the new mind state of the world.  A new generation, in a few years, is not gonna care if we have listened to this and so should we now, bc it is simply fun.

Like i said before, i don’t pay attention to rap vocals in general anymore so it doesn’t bother me – sounds like a fun tune and the remix is nice. Thats all folks. Let life live you instead of caring what others do.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (Cookin’ Soul Remix)

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Black Milk & Jack White collabo

The Black Milk / Jack White collabo is out as a 7″ on Jack Blacks own imprint Third Man and available via itunes. A real nice collaboration of a well liked underground mc (who is an artist and not a product) and the former White stripes head who seems to keep on doing whatever he likes like a true fanboy, and thanks for staying like that. That sets Jack White apart from the rest! Their music keeps going from strength to strength, toghether and seperately. Great 7″. Ps I found these gem via our top tunes group on facebook. Thx to Max Clusive


Black Milk & Jack White – Brain


Black Milk & Jack White – Royal Mega

Another Chromemusic favourite that was released on Third Man Records was The Symphony of Science

: Third Man Records / Black Milk Website / itunes

Otis Redding – Try a little Tenderness (the original to Jigga & Kanyes Otis single)

While everyone is still knocking Jay-z & Kanye for how bad their, this weeks released, album “The Throne” is for a list of various reasons – here is one that Chuck D brought fwd – i still cant get over how awesome their sample for their lead single “Otis” is. Not a song to dance to, even though people go mental when you play it, doesnt look anything like dancing though, i think its brave enough and in the vein of the old fashioned hip hop to use a sample as soulful as this for a heavily promoted hiphop track, thats meant to go chartland and – no i dont care what they are saying and how much they are bragging about stuff. i stopped paying attention to hip hop vocals a long time ago. I picked better Mantras for me, no but THE SAMPLE is AWESOME. uhmm… i mean this SONG is AWESOME!


Otis Redding – Try a little Tenderness

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