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10 free WeSC headphones to give away @YUM YUM this Saturday

Hey @All, for the YUM YUM party on Saturday we have got 10 WeSC Headphones as a special give away. You have to be a subscriber to the YUM YUM Munich Newsletter and once you receive the mail (today) send us a mail in return (email in Newsletter). Thats all you have to do besides picking it up on Saturday @ the guestlist. The winners will be drawn and will receive a mail by friday. So good luck peoples.

@WeSC – i think thats a cool way of supporting a party. thx fellas.

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listen to tunes like the new Major Lazer ft Elephant Man on your headphones:


Major Lazer “HALO” (Beyonce Cover)

Guns don’t kill people Lazers do.

this thursday: WeSC Bread & Butter Party @Villa Berlin

In time for bread & butter, WeSC is having a ball @ Villa, this Thursday. Like at any B&B Berlin is under attack by the hordes of party zombie fashionistas. This party gets major support from YUM YUM Berlin so it will go though the roof, even though Adidas is throwing a huge extravaganza next door, but i’ll see all of you M.I.A.s  latest around 2-3, cause just like NY in the 80/90ies – Berlin never sleeps. Floor ones handled by me and Schowi and #2 goes to Nhan & Taan. So come by and Salaam

2 tunes that i keep hearing from my co-djs in Berlin – i dig them both


Bamboo Shoots – Hey Girl


Of Montreal – gallery piece

Buy or Cry… Biggest Fashion Sale Munich’s ever seen

Hey to all the fashion victims out there… yeah you… and you… and… yeah …you, too.

Dialated pupils, foam at the mouth, a nervous tremor… the darwinist principale may not be as obvious as on any rummage table of the annual sale -massacre. To execute the “survival of the fittest” with style that is the essence of what this is all about. Simply put:

the stakes are high for the first “buy or cry” sale .

You’re invited to the biggest, finest and most flabbergasting sale that Munich’s seen so far. Feel free to spend the rest of your hard earned christmas allowance on fashion, accessories, furniture and all that other stuff that we don’t really need (optional: concentrated consumption). No running around  through cold and packed streets, no cursing @ the discount crazyiness…

There’s more than 50 Labels, Boutiques and Fashion Stores in one place (2200sf)…

Sounds good to you? Well then join us from the Feb 4th till the Feb 7th @ this lovely Off-Location.

There’s gonna be a selected Bar, a fabolously selected Foodcourt and selected Dj’s who are gonna be spininning even more selected music to make you feel… Good? Free? Happy? Something like that for sure…

P.s. Watch out for Feb 6th: YUM YUM is in town again and will turn your concentrated consumption into concentrated dancing… WESC is gonna support the Party big time, so watch out for some free stuff!!!

Have a great week, SUPER ROOKIE (of Erosie)

[audio: http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/I-am-not-from-France-Cagedbabys-Mix.mp3]

Don Diablo – I am not from France (Cagedbaby’s Mix)

YUM YUM & Friends – Huuuge NYE Party in munich


First time ever Munich made it happen. All the major & relevant parties combined, coming together for an awesome NYE. Everybody has their own room, soundsystem and dancefloor instead of making it a big mess – like the huge places normally do. Make sure t0 come down – this is gonna be awesome. The very First time Munich manages to pull it off together.

The subtitle to the New Years Eve party is “München feiert gemeinsam” which sums it up pretty much if you comprende german. All the parties involved are what makes up this city – not the club owners (they only rely on bookings) – but the guys actually delivering the music, the content and defining this city. This is who we are and i am darn glad that we for once, are all in this together.

The Parties & Floors are:

  • Bobble, Top Friend & So Not Berlin (think noise and thousand kids going mental)
  • Horses, Cars & Stars ( the bar, fashion shop and hipster venue that helped define a lot in this town)
  • KeinMusik & Stock 5 (think delicate electronic music)
  • Hip Hop Nye (0711 Entertainment – The Magnificent & Ghettoblaster Classikz – the only real, real hip hop spot on NYE in munich)

If you dont know these parties you are missing out on something – each one has a crowd, reputation and is huge by itself. There is a also gonna be a food court (with a bavarian sandwich stand, my favourite japanese place has its own stand, a hot dog stand and a soup kitchen) and lots of spots and seats, so you can chill, chat and enjoy the cheeses.

Ps this is what the blueprint of the place looks like and where you can find each party and floor – so you know your way around:


The whole thing starts at 10pm – and after the fireworks (huuuge outside area prepared) all the parties start at 0.00 sharp. Be in for THE treat this year. +++ ps get a Ticket in advance @ all these pre-sale spots (this is what the tickets look like):

Bild 1Bild 2

1. CTS München

2. online @ nachtagenten.de

3. in real life @ these fine Shops in Munich:

Soda Books / Rumfordstr. 3
Bube&Dame / Kreuzstr. 4
Cans&co / Enhuberstr.7
Munich Sneakers / Enhuberstr.7
Charhartt Store / Freiheit 2
Harvest / Zieblandstr. 5
Chicas / Damenstiftstr.11
Meschugge 54 / Türkenstr. 54
Optimal / Kolosseumstraße 6
Ruby Store / Reichenbachstr. 37
Resonanz / Auenstr. 4
Superrandom / Lothringerstr. 1
WESC / Fürstenfelder Str. 12

Download & Tracklist of the WeSC Superlative Mix by Chrome & Schowi +++ Party this Saturday Jan 31st @ Cafe King

The full CD gonna be handed out at the WeSC / Top Friend Party this Saturday @ Cafe King. Djs will be Chrome & Schowi. Expect more goodies from the WeSC folks. Starts early at 10pm and will be open till the real late hours. Me and Schowi are looking forward to playing together again. The mix will give you an idea what you can expect. Should be a good night, especially since Jhi, the guy running Cafe King, amped up his Soundsystem, to give it that special boom thats needed for a proper Top Friend night. Also since this is supposed to be the kick-off night for the Winter Ispo and we are dealing with the We guys, expect this to be a mad house – don’t worry though, all the snowboard kiddies should be hanging out at the other popular snwbrd parties. So come down and join us for a proper Top Friend Extravaganza.

join our party on Facebook


WeSC Mix part-1-chrome


WeSC Mix part-2-schowi

full tracklist:

Finally its here: The new WeSC mix cd by Chrome & Schowi

This new Mixcd be passed out this Friday @ Top Friend in munich (fer sure) and hopefully this Saturday @ YUM YUM in Innsbruck and the full mix will be posted here next Monday! so make sure to check back. Ps – Also we are throwing a party togehter with WeSC on Sat – January 31 in munich. Will be huge especially since its supposed to be the ispo kick off party. Again and again and again we come to intrude ya..

We did a heck of a mix for WeSC to kick of the new year just right and are getting crazy responses from all over the place. One of my favourite tunes on my part of the mix was this here: