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new WeSC Mixtape/Cd by us

Each one of us has about a 30-35 min part on this new WeSC mix Cd. We both havent heard each others parts, but we talk the same lingo, have both a similar quality control and understanding what belongs on cd and what doesn’t – some things just work in clubs some only on headphones and some on crappy P.A.s. I think this one pretty much stays true to our whole Top Friend idea. You are gonna dig this one. WeSC is gonna press up about 2-3Gs as far as i know and hand them out before the Ispo starts on feb 1st. +++ We are throwing this WeSC Party on the 31st of January as some kind of ispo opening, where we will hand loads of these out – so make sure to be there. Djs – us. I’ll have a whole lot of Cds to give out through the website – early January.

On eof the tracks i had to put on my part: [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/hot-chip-touch-too-much-fake-blood-remix.mp3]