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World Cup German Cream Team aka Wu-Tang Killah Germs

The German youngsters are playing an incredible WC, to be honest the best i can remember, and this time they have a turkish guy, 2 polish guys, an arab, an african and so forth in their ranks – its by far the closest and realest representation of the german public in a national team up till now, which is multi-ethnical and not the nazi like image & clichee that has been upheld far too long by the rest of the world and espec Hollywood & the UK Press. This time they play phenomenal football and rightfully deserve to go to the finals. Dont know why but it reminds me of the young Wu-tang clan in the early 90ies, when they came up out of nowhere and simply redefined everything. Even during the game we started giving them Wu-Tang Names lol

Here is my starting line-up:

Ps this Man is playing an incredible WC – has to be the best player, here he is with our very own Palina



ps the entire world is praising Thomas Müller who in his first professional year, won the national championship, the national cup, was the runner up in the Champions League Finale and is now playing an incredible WC at age 20! See what YUM YUM NRW has to say about him!

South Africa 2010

I know that the following track is pretty mainstream (somehow or other it has to be, since it’s the official theme song for the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010), nevertheless I wanted to share it with you. To my mind it’s simply an indigenous, good song and it perfectly fits the mood of the current World Cup.
Consistent with the host of the FIFA World Cup 2010 I got you even more (mostly electronic) tunes with a nice African touch.


K’Naan – Wavin Flag (Celebration Mix)


K’naan – Wavin Flag (Vanguards Remix)

Addendum: As you may realize, the Celebration Remix contains no political statements compared to the Vanguards Remix. The two versions differ almost entirely in lyrics. Obviously, the first version is solely meant to celebrate the World Cup (as you might guess from the title).


More tunes to celebrate South Africa 2010:


The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa (French Fries Remix)


The XX – You’ve Got The Love (Florence & The Machine Cover)(The Very Best Remix)


Lazy Flow – Afro Maniok


Myd – Train To Bamako


Radioclit – Tutule Dance


The Very Best – Rain Dance (Feat. M.I.A.)

Have fun & feel free to comment/bash me for posting such a mainstream track.