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LIT AF! : Tongue Tied (Ft. Bri Tolani) by The Highrollers


Can the real squatting slavs please stand up!

Bomb track by the Highrollers feat our favourite femvox atm : Miss Bri Tolani. The song has some kind of EDM feel to it, you know like Pretty Lights, Kill Paris, Gramatik or Griz, but i think that’s just the feel of the drums, other than that the overall style is much fresher and best described as a brassy future bass tune. The rest is a hit pop song with a savage eastern european / slavic lick¬† that makes you want to join the squatting crew, and live every moment in track suits with an orthodox christian gold chain. Russian Hackers at work!

Very welcome tune by the Highrollers, just came out this weekend and already their most successful song! Whatever you guys are doing different now, this seems to be the way to go!

About : The Highrollers is a project started in mid 2016 by Adam Oh (22 years old) and William Oh (15 years old). Their first release was a remix of Marshmello’s Alone which accumulated 80k plays on Soundcloud. After that release they were noticed by several taste makers and with these new links established they went on to co-release a remix of Zara Larsson and MNEK’s – Never Forget You on Chill City and reworked a cover of Radiohead’s Creep with Ember Island and co-released with Future City. Now with a few remixes under their belt, they started making more original work.

So what kind of slav are you?


Fetsum – Colours of Hope

Good good friend of mine and always a rock in this ever changing experience of life, Fetsum, released his solo effort entitled “Colours of Hope”. For years in the making and it has always been sparkling on the horizon, Fetsum finally did it. This really adds happiness on top of my happiness, to see a good man go his way. The Album has rave reviews by the Rolling Stone Magazine, NME and whole lot of french and Uk Mags, saying stuff like “best soul album of the year so far”. The songs are a heartwarming experience from a man whose music is all about love and not a single line that is meant to cause harm is spent on the entire album. To put it in other words, that a few will understand, this is a healing album shared with everyone. At times peculiar but very accessible bc of its general “feel good and enjoy life” vibe. Uplifting and empowering music if you let it. Watch the beautiful and human video below.

Below you will Fetsums tourdates for Germany, its him and his band so go check them out. As soon as his tour is over we will have him over with a trimmed down live show at a few YUM YUM Nights, and definitely before the end of the year. This man has our vibe. For more on Fetsum hit him up right here::: website /// facebook /// itunes

Ps go see him whenever you get the chance & good to have you doing your thing brother ;)

Colours of Hope Tour Dates 2012

September 23rd – Mainz @ Frankfurter Hof

September 25th – Mannheim @ Alte Seilerei

September 26th – Cologne @ Stadtgarten

September 28th – Munich @ Ampere

September 29th – Dresden @ Ostpol

September 30th – Stuttgart @ Wagenhallen

October 1st – Berlin @ Babylon

October 2nd – Hamburg @ Fabrik