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This Saturday: YUM YUM Stuttgart

May 21st
Keller Club (via Google Maps)
Max Mausser// Tipura!
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On May 21st Max Mausser & Tipura are transforming the Keller Club into a good mood nice tunes have fun world. Let’s take our bag put our dancing shoes, some lollipops and lots of weekend mood inside and join them on Saturday to celebrate YUM YUM.

Santigold – Go f. Karen O. of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Santigold ft Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Go!”

Its been a while and i am glad we got her back, after dropping her debut album, and what felt like changing the entire music scene and for a couple of years seemingly dodging everything, Ms Santi is finally back. The brandnew tune has a great spooky punky rocky attitude and i m not gone lie: i like everything about her even though that whole hipster thing that dominated the music scene 2 years ago and that she got so much associated with  is totally over, i am sure Ms Santi is here to stay for quite a bit longer with her unique style. There was no way you could label her before and i am sure it ll stay that way. Cant wait for more tunes, and i am still playing her old material. Go!


Santigold – Go f. Karen O. of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

the Starters remix the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads will roll”

The starters sent us this nice remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last week – busy week but its online now. Everyon loves the YYYs – it would be outstanding if the Starters would provide better quality mp3s – 160 kbit for playing just won’t cut it and i know kids on all continents would drop most of your tunes – would be helpful guys – THIS ONE is a solid 320 mp3 so enjoy and make sure to play it out loud – . Anyways, huge big up to Chicago – for another quality starters remix.



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