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Saskwatch – Your Love 7″

Stumbled across Melbourne based soul & funk band ‘Saskwatch’ tonight and they totally blew my mind. Listen yourself and grab their single ‘Your Love‘ or the entire album ‘Leave It All Behind‘ on Bandcamp.


Saskwatch – Your Love

another favourite:


Saskwatch – Don’t Wanna Try

Higher & Higher – Jackie Wilson (YUM YUM edit)

Your Love keeps lifting me higher & higher. Summers back, and while being in the mood for some sunny music i came across this Jackie Wilson classic, so i did this little re-edit this morning. will surely play it out the next time i hit the tables, but this weekend we all djs here at chromemusic have off, so have fun with this track and its summery, positive vibes, especially if your gf is called mary jane. Too bad stuff like this is not being played on the radio anymore these days. …hmm, not really, who cares about radio anyway? And thats exactly the reason why

Jackie Wilson – Higher & Higher (Yum Yum edit)