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YUM YUM Sommerfest + Open Air on Wed May 10th @ Alte Kongresshalle, Theresienhöhe 15 + new Mix Cds

Its been a long time coming:

We always wanted to bring you the YUM YUM sound in an Open Area. Too bad there aren’t any good ones in munich. Thats why it took us so long. Especially with YUM YUM being cut dow to only one date a month (believe you me – it wasn’t our idea) people have been asking us for a second date and have been urging us to geta  2nd date – but frankly there weren’t any good spots in munich – every other location besides Registratur would have been a Ghetto Upgrade – and we didn’t want to have a 2nd YUM YUM just for the sake of it – we decided to wait until we had a good spot – even if only for one night.

But on Wednesday, May 10th its on (theres a holiday the day after, k?). The BBQ & Open Air Area starts @ 9pm. Main floors start @ 11pm.

UNLIKE Registratur – THERE ‘S ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERYONE @ Kongresshalle >>> ADDRESS: Theresienhöhe 15, right behind this old lady -need a map: show on google maps here

With us as Munich residents and original team – Chrome, Schu, Not:fx – guests are coming in from almost all other YUM YUM Spots: YUM YUM Berlin – Schowi, YUM YUM Shanghai – Kamikaze and YUM YUM Vienna – dj Beware – which is premiering the following Friday, June 12th @ Cafe Leopold. There are supposedly 3 areas, i really hope that works out, A YUM YUM Main Area (huge spot – with a great soundsystem), A YUM YUM Open Air Area another huge Garden with some delicious BBQ food by the cook of Walther & Benjamin and a rather smaller and noisier Top Friend area. You will be in for a treat.

This is the first gathering of some of the YUM YUM cities and venues and i am really looking forward to this one. We ll get to hear the YUM YUM sound of 4 cities and some good friends of ours are coming down – just like a huge family reunion. This is the reason why we are going other places – to have this kind of exchange going – and its worked out very well everywhere – with the right mindset, attitude, care, friendliness, setup, people and the right friends who understand what we are doing here. (ps after the summer there are 2-3 more cities being added to the YUM YUM network)

We will be giving out the new YUM YUM Vol 9 and a second Mixcd we made specially for our people. And there will be plenty for most of you.

Enjoy last months favourite YUM YUM tune and hit up our event on FACEBOOK here.


“kids-feat-mgmt” – Chiddy Bang

YUM YUM Berlin this Saturday May 16th @ Scala

The last days of Scala are upon us. So we are having a large one down at Berlins prime spot.

DJ Lineup:

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE (Versatile, Paris)
KNIXX & COMIXXX (Baunz, Berlin)

SCHOWI (Yum Yum, Bass ill Euro)
CHROME (Yum Yum, Die Registratur, München)
COMIXXX (Baunz, Berlin)

ENDLICH 18 hosted by
feat. HUNEE (Internasjonal Records)

Black Box
ARIS ONE (Shusta, Berlin)
B. SKI (Philadelphia, Berlin)

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great tune, still cant get enough of it (after 4 weeks on my headphones!!!):



This is a classic! Mighty Joakim doing Zombie Zombie!


Zombie Zombie – Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (Joakim Remix)

more infos:

!!!YUM YUM Party recaps of the last weekend (pics will follow)

YUM YUM Berlin – did damage – hope they have any pictures this time. Larry Tee was around and about everyone from Hamburg, incl former Vienna drinkmaster and VodkaBot Dsl.

YUM YUM Nrw – comic will be online by tonight, latest tomorrow. Eleven and Tand had a blast from what they are twittering, saying “best YUM YUM in months” – but they say that each and every time – how many more people do you wanna pack?

YUM YUM Manchester – Stevie in his own words: “Hi Filip, rob and I have started djing every Friday at the venue, this should boost the profile of the monthly parties. Venue packed out, amazing response, can’t give CDs away quick enough! About 10 people demanding my number email etc for more yum yum info. Unfortunately laptop took a fall (cost £250!) so doing the best I can with the phone this week, I’ll give you a shout later in the week for a chat.. “

YUM YUM Berlin this Friday with Larry Tee (NYC)

YUM YUM Berlin’s forth round is coming up this Friday, 17th of April at Club Scala! After incredible parties with the likes of Round Table Knights, Bass ill Euro, Amazing Clay next up is LARRY TEE (ultra records, brooklyn, new york) of Licky feat. Princess Superstar fame! Mixwell (Flashdance & Mixwell) from Hamburg also joins YUM YUM Berlin and introduces his new Team H.I.T.S. (Heavy In The Streets)… if you thought that was all you can expect on Friday… you are wrong: G-Stone Recording Artist & Vienna’s DJ legend DJ DSL hosts the upper floor.. that’s dope, but ey, what about me, Schowi?? I thought i could play some records on my own party, too? Anyway, listen to new musci & a classic by Larry Tee and see you at Club Scala on Friday – Berlin people!


Larry Tee – I Love U (Bart B-More Secured Dub)


Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar – Licky (Herve Goes Low Remix)

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YUM YUM Berlin – this friday, march 27th @ Scala

“Now here’s a funky introduction of how nice i am,

tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram…â€?

After Februaries killer YUM YUM in Berlin its time for another roundup of the finest.

This Friday March 27th we’ll throw a huge YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala, in case you have forgotten how huge the last one was – we can still recall people smiling at the end of the night, instead of being just wasted, with even the bartenders going APE SHIT all night long. Djs for that night will be Chrome, Passion & Special Guest: Peshay with an all-exclusive non-drum-n-bass-set!!. (think top friend) along Mc Motive & a special warmup by Robot Koch of Jahcoozi fame. The 1st floor will be the 1-year anniversary of the Candy Club, hosted by San Gabriel, Lilly Flip & my man Keaton, hailing from London. All that and more hosted by YUM YUM Berlin mastermind Schowi who seems to be holding down all of Berlin recently. Here is the link -  to the Party on Facebook: YUM YUM Berlin Friday march 27th and of course the Facebook YUM YUM Berlin Group which still has to grow… Anyway you are in for a major treat, so see you this Friday at Scala @ a very, very massive YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala. Please make sure to show up early..

a.) This is where you’ll find Scala – Friedrichstr 112 – Berlin Mitte. Scala on Google Maps

b.) some of our favourite tunes right now:


ill-kill-her-not_fx-kill-the-bitch-YUM YUM remix





c.) Full german description here – bitte hier umblättern…