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YUM YUM Comic book of last Friday in Munich

all in all this yum yum went down like the dow jones index. literally killed the night. tand and me had a real fun time on the main floor, even though i just got back from asia and was jetlegged the fuck out, while schu and sep took care of the top friend floor quite nicely. the night came to a halt at about 6 a.m. with a still cheerful and singing crowd – we apologize for only throwing one yum yum a month to all our people, but there simply is not another location available at present. we will keep you informed as soon as that changes. but for now yum yum in munich will take place every first friday of the month.

next yum yum is on friday april 3rd, with chrome and special guest kamikaze on the main floor. kamikaze is our resident from shanghai, so we have a shanghai meets munich get together. thx to each and everyone for making it mine.


YUM YUM Comic book & Recap of last Friday in Munich

Last YUM YUM in munich on friday feb, 6th:

(sorry about the pics – most were taken in the early hours, not enough crowdpics,you’ ll get the idea)

…way more than 1000+ turned up. we had to turn down about 500 people, which we are terribly sorry for. i guess cutting YUM YUM in munich down to one date a month is doing nobody a favour. but take our sincere apologies people, if we had the time and an adequate venue we would definitely not throw it once a month. but we really want all of us to have a great time – basically thats whats the difference between YUM YUM and everyone else. and before we start taking compromises, we better just do it monthly. thx for making mine YUM YUM. a unique sound & approach to music without barriers, that is spreading around the planet. thank you all very much for all the love. i guess what goes around comes around.
About YUM YUM on a monthly basis: Do you know how it is to hold a bird in your hand and watch it grow? You know what to do…

Our next YUM YUM in munich is gonna be the first friday next month on march 6th (in 3 weeks). be sure to catch up with us. Djs will be Chrome & Tand, who hasnt been here for some time now and i guess Max or Notfx to have us a good time. Top friend floor will be run by two close friends: YUM YUMs own Schu & his band colleague Sep.

Gonna be a massive night and i am really lookig forward to it. Can you hear me calling across the ocean?

download full comic as zip: yy-comic-munich-feb-09

ps more YUM YUM dates: Innsbruck this Saturday Feb 14th,

Leicester (Uk), all the way in China – namely Shanghai at MAO we have our second installment of YUM YUM in Asia, and the 3rd bday anniversary in NRW coming up next Saturday Feb 21st.

Berlin at Scala – end of February – on Sat 28th.

Vienna starting out May 30th.

new YUM YUM this Friday, Feb 6th in Munich

Februaries YUM YUM in munich is going down this Friday @ Registratur with Djs Chrome & Max, area 2 will be the by now well established top friend floor. Will be a massive night and our only YUM YUM date in Munich this February so make sure not to miss it. Come down for a drink, have a dance with us and get on down to the sounds of YUM YUM. Don’t forget to vote your monthly YUM YUM top tunes for February.

ps join our facebook event for this night.

YUM YUM in Munich – this Friday December 19th

Yes another massive YUM YUM is upon us. And this one is special because its the last one for this year and also it is the end of YUM YUM munich being bi-weekly. YUM YUM in the new year will be once a month. Which is fine anyway because the Registratur has come to its end. Was supposed to close down this January – now lets see how much longer it will be left open.

Also, next year indicates a new start with YUM YUM Moscow changing locations, Berlin getting lively, YUM YUM in Austria taking off as well as a couple of great places in the UK. And me and Kamikaze are working on making it happen in Shanghai. So enough about that you will hear/read about it soon enough. Thx for everyone for making 2008 such a huge year, even with all the troubles we had since the re-opening of Registratur. See you this friday for a huge spectacular.

Ps the last 6 nights in munich have been awesome. thx for being the YUM YUM people you are and carrying on tradition. You know whats up!


YUM YUM – tour mixtape “All I Can Do Is Love You Tour Mix”

new YUM YUM this Friday, Dec 5th in Munich

A new YUM YUM coming to town. With Dj duties and pleasures up to Chrome & Max, this is gonna be full “hnads up in the air” night with the lastest YUM YUM Top Tunes and way more material than you know. YOU have been there last month so you know the deal. While area 2 will another Top Friend floor, which we thinka bout renaming – but anyway if you have been to either the Top Friend Party last Saturday or the Santogold show – you know whats going down here. Gonna be a huge night with the YUM YUM set and sound. Nuff said