YUM YUM in Munich – this Friday December 19th


Yes another massive YUM YUM is upon us. And this one is special because its the last one for this year and also it is the end of YUM YUM munich being bi-weekly. YUM YUM in the new year will be once a month. Which is fine anyway because the Registratur has come to its end. Was supposed to close down this January – now lets see how much longer it will be left open.

Also, next year indicates a new start with YUM YUM Moscow changing locations, Berlin getting lively, YUM YUM in Austria taking off as well as a couple of great places in the UK. And me and Kamikaze are working on making it happen in Shanghai. So enough about that you will hear/read about it soon enough. Thx for everyone for making 2008 such a huge year, even with all the troubles we had since the re-opening of Registratur. See you this friday for a huge spectacular.

Ps the last 6 nights in munich have been awesome. thx for being the YUM YUM people you are and carrying on tradition. You know whats up!


YUM YUM – tour mixtape “All I Can Do Is Love You Tour Mix”