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YUM YUM Top Tunes group on facebook

Honestly ever since we started the YUM YUM top tunes  group (a few weeks back), this has pretty much being the only thing on facebook that is entertaining to me, and its a welcome selection of songs, videos, remixes, covers that are otherwise hard to come across.

Its a closed group (to keep the content YUM YUM related) and the rules are quite simple:

  • every member posts no more than one tune a day (video, mp3, souncloud ..)
  • the music is YUM YUM related (frequent readers know the deal)
  • the best songs get re-blogged on chromemusic

that way not just everything gets posted but rather the good stuff. Or elese it would simply be too much and way too off topic, i ve seen a few good geroups screw up bc of that.

And i found quite a few tunes i never heard before. Seriously its addictive fun and its right now the first thing i check whenever i go on facebook, even before i look for status updates and funny stuff. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED SO FAR and all the new members, KEEP IT COMING, YOU ARE AMAZING!! ))) Love you guys

If you wanna apply go to YUM YUM top tunes group on facebook. We can only allow a few new people each day, so pls be patient if you’ll have to wait a sec, THX!

Here is a video i’ve found in the group today

Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks” from Foster The People on Vimeo.