Comic and Recap of Leicester 21st Feb

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Things started slowly in Leicester on Saturday, but despite the cold people started to hit the club in earnest at 12.30. Once they were in however, Not:FX and Medley made sure they stayed on the floor. Even though it was the first time they’ve played together the music was right on point, and Not:FX definitely showed the new Yum Yum crowd what it’s all about.

It seemed that we had caused some arguments down at Superfly too… all the barstaff were fighting to work the bar in the main room after hearing the CD! Our man Tom in Leicester tells us the CDs were flying out of the bar the week before, and several boutiques are already itching for more.

So all in all a great start to Yum Yum in the UK, everyone is looking forward to the next party and new dates will be up soon, in the meantime check out the comic of the night

A big thanks goes out to Tom and Bryn @ Superfly for looking after us, Medley for sharing his booth, and of course Not:FX for making the trip to come rock our first night… the bar has been set ladies and gentlemen!