Comic book of last Friday – sneak preview YUM YUM


Page_8.jpgcomic book of the YUM YUM sneak preview night last Friday

Before we really get started with YUM YUM on Friday september 7th, we had a little unannounced pre-opening night last Friday. We had a limited number of people who we were supposed to let in and here is a good one for the ladies, because dancing is a female trade… For all of you who enjoyed to be able to dance – it is gonna stay like this for now, before the Sekreteriat gets opened up again etc.. So you are gonna have more space to dance and the mainroom itself is bigger now with a wooden floor and a bigger bar so you don’t have to wait anymore. All details are still being worked out again. And i am learning to cope with the P.A. – Next Friday – September 7th is gonna be the official opening night which will be regularly promoted. And sorry for the inconvenience of waiting outside – the comic book will explain everything – how we had to build the djs table and so on.. actually quite amusing.