New YUM YUM this Friday June 15th and last weeks Comic book


Bild_1(2).jpgA new YUM YUM coming your way this Friday June 15th with Djs Chrome & Schowi and 2nd area being run by the crewlock guys: Notfx & friends. Be in for a massive treat. Sorry for the delay with the comic book but here it is. YUM YUM Comic book of Friday June 8th. Its a bit short on words this time. I hope you don´t mind and enjoy it nonetheless. Below you´ll find our new YUM YUM Top Tune selection for June and more new music. There are two more nights to go and then we´ll be off on our well deserved summer break. Until the Registratur finishes redesigning the place and we will make a return by September latest. Before that we will have a midsummer YUM YUM on August the 4th. More on that soon enough. That´s way enough info at once. See you this Friday. Bring some dancing shoes and lots of smiles along.