YUM YUM Comic book of the last YUM YUM before our summer break


Page_1.jpgWe are in the middle of our summer break.
Here is our very last comic book until August. This is from Friday June 22nd before we went on vacation. I know it should have been posted some time ago, but i was lazy and actually enjoyed my very first time off after a long time.

So here is our YUM YUM comic book of Friday June 22nd and it will be our very last one until August, where we will take a little excourse into erste Liga, where we will hold our YUM YUM Summer Break Special on Saturday August 4th with Djs Chrome, Schowi & Marek. YUM YUM going places before the new Registratur reopens on Friday August 17th with our regular YUM YUM.

YUM YUM will become a bi-weekly venue, held every 1st and 3rd of the month. But more on that soon enough and our new Mixcds will contain all new YUM YUM music and infos. ps. Daily posting starts right now.