YUM YUM NRW Aug 18th @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM Aug 18thAfter having no comic at all for YUM YUM in June I thought last comic review is worth mentioning again. So here we go… YUM YUM Comic Review of our last party. Really enjoyed this one… so thank you all for making it mine.

Upcoming YUM YUM we’ll present you some very close friends. Maybe you’ve seen this guys earlier. One of them was hosting our very first shows in Duisburg. Speaking about SOLA PLEXUS! They are about to release their first album called PAN and we’ll combine their releaseparty with our regular show. Doors will be open by 9PM. Yes that’s right. 9PM. Also this is pay and stay. So enjoy their show and after that we’ll have our regular setup…

So bring a friend and be in for a treat.Top Tunes will be online by Wednesday and can be found here.