YUM YUM NRW May 19th @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW May 19thI hope you all enjoyed our latest comic review of YUM YUM in April althought it was a bit late (what an understatement). But like already mentioned we had a lot of stuff to do and the street arts are outstanding again. See the making of and the documentary here.Also the latest selection of YUM YUM tunes is a pretty whoopie (whatever that means). Find it here.

Maybe you heard rumours bout the summerbreak of YUM YUM in Munich. This has absolutely no effect on YUM YUM in NRW. Just to point that out once and calm everything a bit down. We’ll continue as usual and bring you the latest in YUM YUM Sounds every third Saturday a month.

Nothing left to say but wishing you all a wonderful time enjoying lovely spring rising. Hope to catch you all on 19th of May at 100Meister. Be there early and bring a friend. Think water ice.