it’s been a long time!


Finally the wait is over, the update of this site is now complete (at least the part that concerns you). Speaking for ourselves – there are still some major routines to be learned and get acknowledged with. Well – “What’s new?� you might ask. First off, the often promised Daily Updates are officially starting right now. So you will get to see, read and watch more chromenews every single day. The news side as well as the entire Archive will work as a blog, meaning you will get to find every new and old information ever contained on this site through the Search bar on the right side. Also will all entries (ever made) be put in different categories which you can easily access and select by clicking them (Found below the search bar). The old posts will still have to be transferred, which will take another 1-2 months. PS. The wait will be shorter for people with slower net access – because the blog system enables us to automatically have the last 30 days appear on screen, without having to beg the webmaster for an update every other month. Simply put: the site will load faster. Also will the webshop be officially working from now on. Our apologies, once again for the many mailings that took eons. This will be a thing of the past and we will have one person responsible for the shop – on the contact site is his entire imprint and his email address. More personal: You will be able to comment every post made..

A whole lotta new stuff – and more news to come – but for now simply enjoy todays easter goodies and hopefully we’ll get to see you all well on next Fridays YUM YUM (April 21st)