New YUM YUM Mix Cds – Update Spring/Summer 2006

This Friday it’s back on – a new YUM YUM coming to town with Chrome & Tand.
PLUS+ A new Mixtape will be available for free – This Friday and it
will be handed out in 3 shops that we will name by the end of the week.
It’s packed with absolute exclusives and introuveables and the cds look cute.
This is what they look like.More YUM YUM News:
Finally the subsites are back on & working – YUM YUM and the NRW site, also will we be featuring a new subsite as from today on which will be a featurespot for all kinds of upcoming dates with our participation and/or recommendation. so go check the last couple of months out (musically)on our online back catalogue, in form of our Top Tunes selections.

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