PSA: a short resume, please read + 2 dates this weekend & few new versions coming

After last weekends triumphant parties i can safely say – we are fully back – to play the yum yum set & sound. in munich a few of us got involved in a club last year, and so had little to no time and no mind to take care of what we do – music. but that changed drastically a few months ago, and look at yum yum now – about a 3rd of the tunes played are our own versions, tunes. we all love that feeling playing stuff that is homegrown. it makes playing tunes so much more original and that is what yum yum has always been about. we haven’t even uploaded half of the versions and tunes on our soundcloud, or here on the blog is what makes me grin even more. folks – my night last saturday night deejaying was awesome – and telling from the faces i saw, their expressions and the sheer energy that gave the entire, massively packed floor such a positive vibe, so was everyone else’s night. thank you for that. that is our tao – our way. more parties this week – check the dates on the right and yes a few new yum yum versions will be uploaded this week. thanks for your attention and have a wonderful week.