YUM YUM 07.01.2005


YUM YUM Club with DJ Chrome and Schu has established itself as the refuge for all those fed up with categorized 90s club music, Its the place for the many ones who are looking for a friendly spot to dance and enjoy the exclusively for this evening produced tracks, the YUM YUM-Remixes and versions. So if you want to change your coat and gloves for a T-Shirt and a good time, this is the place to be.

DJs: Chrome // Schuh

1. “Drop it like it’s lonelyâ€? Snoop vs. The Police
2. “my manâ€? angie stone (upstate rmx)
3. “I doâ€? tylor james
4. “Encoreâ€? Jay-z (disco rmx)
5. “Millionaireâ€? – Kelis