YUM YUM 07.01.2006


Wow, last Fridays YUM YUM was through the roof.. I can hardly express how much fun I had and I guess about everyone on the floor, which didn’t stop moving and being packed for about 20 minutes after we switched on the light. You really had to stop the music – for people to even consider leaving the spot. New Dubplates were coming through like the climate change. Especially that new Mary J. Blige vs Gorillaz mix I did on Friday. Once again produced it, mixed it down, cut it as a plate and played it the very same night. It went down brutally good, while everybody knows the new Mary track to be a slow jam – I gave it an uptempo twist with that infamous Gorillaz break from Feel Good Inc. People are totally up on this one. This one is sure to make the top spot for Januarys YUM YUM top tunes. Here you have it as an advanced download: Mary J Blige vs Feel good Inc . This here is what the original Mary track sounds like in case you haven’t heard it yet.. )Ps see you in 2 weeks – when the next one is on. Thank you for making us work this place like no other.