YUM YUM 15.12.2006


The night went down a storm. Even though Jaws showed up an hour late, due to his jetlag. It was a brilliant night to conclude a beautifull year that has got the YUM YUM Sound just started. Wait till you see what we consider doing in the future. (plus hear it)
So, let me sum it up real quick for you:
My first set was a good one in some time, even though most people won’t agree on that and say everything i do is flawless, but they simply couldn’t tell – and trust me i am my worst critique. I don’t think most of the stuff i do is great like your average dj homo. So – last Friday the air was charged and the Sound was going through the roof. At 6 in the morning you literally had to sweep me of the tables and the good folks off the floor. Thx for everything and a Happy New Year. Check our website on Christmas. There is a little present waiting for all of you.
Our YUM YUM COMIC BOOK REVIEW # 1 still packed with lots of tiny mistakes, but hey.. we are just starting out and absolutely loving it. But there is more to come. So stay tuned and please participate in our online poll for the best YUM YUM tune 2006.