YUM YUM 16.06.2006


A truly massive one, went down. Friday was out of control, although the weather nearly killed us. that unprecedented heatwave hit us like a hammer and i still don’t get how you people could have have possibly emptied the bar? but you did and i am not talking soft drinks. Anyhow it wasn’t that hot inside the club, was it.?! without air-conditioning?!? Whatever- i don’t get it. Too bad Schu had to leave so early, because of the football tournament early saturday morning. He was the teams captain, and from what i heard they were excellent. deejay-wise: 4 hours in a row were a tough task with no partner or backup. The atmosphere was going through the roof anyhow. Thanks for making it mine once more.
Don’t forget to get this months re-edited No.1 YUM YUM Tune. A full 192/kbit version mp3. A true must-have. The rap really corresponds with the chorus or at least referrs to it.
Gnarls Barkley vs Slick Rick “Crazy in Love.Enjoy, this YUM YUM crowd pleaser that people áre really eating up at present. More new tracks coming soon..