YUM YUM 17.11.2006


Last week we had our anniversary in Munich – showcasing Chrome & Schowi, who did another excellent performance, in his own & unique style. Good thing Chris reanimated Schowis Laptop, so at about shortly past one his macbook was working again and it was back to buisness. That’s why we split the timetable a bit different than planned, cause i already did a solid 2 hours in the beginning. Great outstanding dance with a great performance by Schowi. And i had them singing long after the lights went on.
Ps next door Clip Club was getting down to work and mixing videos like records on the new Pioneer DVD turntables . Veejaying on another level. Great work, buddy.
More PS: I Love playing this Version of Fergie & James Brown and you seem to dig it too. Just telling from the sheer crowd reaction. Just wait till you hear next months top tune selection. Was a serious Bday bash and i lost my voice, another shirt and my abstinence, but it was unavoidbale and we all had a blast. here is the proof :A gallery of Bday Photos (by Chris Faber) .