YUM YUM 18.11.2005

The birthday was on last Friday and boy did it go down.
You really rocked the YUM YUM Sound. Thanks to all the participating Djs for bringing down the house.
It was once again overcrowded, while we did limit our entry numbers in recent months. The guys at the door were probably overrun. I don’t know – simply diddn’t make it there. Or at least it would have taken me half an hour to get there.
Ps. I don’t have any photos yet – so as soon as I get some I’ll make sure to post them. The giveaway Mix Cds didn’t last too long either – Actually they were gone before 1 am.
I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did even though me and Jay was going a bit too much for the Hip Hop awards later on that night.
Anyhow – thank you all…
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