With the cliché of bavarian ‘culture’ raging in full swing, we are back to business with our newest installment of YUM YUM @ Ampere. This friday, the decks will be kept clean of any aggressiveness and covered with plates of proper feel good soul, funk, reggae, blends and all the material that makes up the whole of YUM YUM. Somewhere along the way in the past 2 year in Munich, we were broken up into pieces by some business people and managers and that’s why we are so happy to be acting as solo agents again, as we always have been. The last date showed, almost the entire crew is back together and that was a thing of pure beauty that made us all so very happy. And the last date we had at Ampere, end of last August, was brilliant. Maybe not dj wise, even though the crowd loved it, because we know that we can do it even better. We have proven that for almost a decade, and all it takes is just a little practice and regularity. And that’s exactly why we are back this Friday, September 26th @ Ampere. The Dj duties will be up to Chrome (me) and Max, who are the core and the rest of the family will be back to play. Be in as we nice up the dance. RSVP right here on Facebook

Here are a few current favourites: