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YUM YUM NRW Feb 17thWell, this is it! At the 17th of February we’re gonna celebrate our very first birthday in NRW. We’d like to thank you for making YUM YUM a unique and pleasent party this last year and giving it a new home in NRW under the roof of the 100Meister!

DJs will be DJ Chrome and Tand Williams. So it’s back to the original team which started one year ago. Also there will be gimmicks for early birds as a little present. I smell a new mix tape coming (which will be a CD actually).

Almost forgot… We almost had to close doors the last YUM YUM in January due to the massive rush. So you’d better be there early before the club is packed.Top Tunes for February will be online in no time. So watch out and bring a friend.See you at 17th of February at 100Meister.