YUM YUM NRW Jun 17th @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW Jun 17thYUM YUM NRW getting bigger and glowing brighter by the minute.

Coming up next is the long overdue “Tand Wiliams meets Deckstarâ€? Team-up. Those two have been leaning towards each other for some time now and this is their first ever fellow joint. Our YUM YUM resident Tand will go back and forth with True Notes Resident Dj Deckstar, who we and loads of other people reckon to be a superb hiphop-slash-reggae-slash-mashup dj. So we salute him and welcome him in the ranks of the YUM YUM djs.

All that and more happening Saturday, June 17th @ Hundertmeister in Duisburg. Here is our playlist & selection for this month.

  1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers vs. Biggie – Dani Hypnotized (Yum Yum Version)
  2. Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous Girl
  3. A-Ha vs. Jungle Brothers – Take On Me Brotha
  4. Royksop vs. Mary J. Blidge – Dance For Me
  5. Jacko vs. Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Thriller Girl