YUM YUM NRW Mar 3rd @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW Mar 3rdFirst things first… Thanks for stopping by and making our first NRW aniversary such a great night! It was a massive dance. For all of you wondering about the comic… we were lately really busy and just didn’t had the time for doing the comic review. Will be online in a few days… Sorry for that!

Also big night ahead of us… this time it’s back to the original YUM YUM NRW team which means that Max Mausser and Tand Williams will be playing the latest in YUM YUM Sounds, Edits and Versions. Enjoy this months Top Tune Selection as seen below.

  1. Bob Delay Jan Delay vs Cindy Lauper (YUM YUM )
  2. Abra-Cadabra Angie Stone vs Steve Miller Band (YUM YUM)
  3. Hymn 4 Disco by K-os b/w Rain
  4. To know you is to love you Daz I Kue / Bloodfire
  5. Nothing can come between us Paul Nice vs Sade (Blend)
  6. After the laughter Shoes Wu-Tang re-edit

See you on 17th of March!