YUM YUM Würzburg Review

It´s been a while since I´ve been to Würzburg, but one thing I remember for sure is Norwig and Simons drinking  motivation skills. Being well prepared we arrived with a belly filled to the max and crates full of YUM YUM  goodies. After a slow start the Club was filled by 1 a.m. and a good party was on it´s way. D-Nice played his first set  at a YUM YUM party and he did a pretty good job. The Dancefloor was packed till 6 o´clock in the morning allthough closing time would have been one hour earlier. So it looks like the people of Würzburg  enjoyed this one! Thanks to everyone who showed up and YUM YUM Würzburg will return on February 27th with DJ Kamikaze on the wheels of steel