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tonight: YUM YUM opening in Innsbruck

About time we got back to Innsbruck, been there before with a dodgy, i mean shady, weasel like promoter & club owner but also a few nice guys along the way. So tonight we are officially starting out with our new regular date. Pretty close to munich, about an hour drive, and a city filled with good people jumping on the YUM YUM train. Here’s the event on fb on how to get there. Ps Max & D-Nice holding in down so you know its gonna fly.

120 min YUM YUM this Saturday in Munich + Live Accoustic Session by Fetsum!!!

This Saturday due to the christian holiday, we’ll have to close shop at 2am. Which means, doors will be open at 10pm. Make sure to show up early for the live show which will start at latest 11.30pm and last for a about a good hour, until we get into the YUM YUM sound for the remaining time, played with maximum pressure. The live show will be an accoustic set  by my man Fetsum, aka the Fetsum Duo consisting of an accoustic two piece band (vocals & accoustic guitar). Think Sweet Serenade on a very positive and soulful tip. Trust me, you are gonna love this. It doesn’t get more positive and uplifting than this. Ps check out his website to see what rave reviews he received for his recent Solo Album. So make sure to get your drink on and your hands in the air scenario will be compressed to about 120min + an amazing live show, that i had the pleasure of witnessing a few times before. Pure Sunshine!!! Fetsum::: website /// facebook /// itunes

PS more YUM YUM cities to follow very, very, very soon!

ps here he is, performing a Tracy Chapman cover. Good friend of mine, with open eyes and an open soul. He can see – those who know what i mean – know

Trick or Trap this Wednesday

Teaming up with my buddies Shogun & D-Nice for a special (short) night of Trap, Step, Bass & Claps.

In case you have been living on another planet – somewhere outside the internet – and you have missed this years (and last years) Trap Überhype, or haven’t attended any of my late nights (naughty kids) – here is a brand new remix of one of the big tunes to get you started – Original Don rmx’d by Luminox. See you wednesday – for a brief but bassy affair. ps. Or check out this short lil Kreuzberg mix i did while having the hangover of the year. [for those of you who still use fb here’s the event]