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今晚 Yum Yum 上海 (Tonight Yum Yum Shanghai)


Tonight at MAO. Well, actually it’s not a fully “blown” YY-Party. MAO invted all their Promoters for a best of night. So I’m playing an 2 hour Yum Yum DJ set. Never the less, same fun just less “work.” In case you’d happen to be in town. Come by, it’s open bar. Something like 12 Euros for boys and you can drink as much as you can. Girls pay half! if thats not an be-lated christmas present.

Yum Yum Shanghai this week

The hardest part (for me) about organizing a party is always writing the press article, why you should come, what’s happening and where. In Shanghai promoters tend to exaggerate a bit. I don’t have to.. Same spot (MAO), same fun, more Germans deejaying this time and for the next two months my last night in town. I’m very exited.


DJ Kamikaze Mix/ Tonight YUM YUM in Munich

Hey folks, I recently recorded a new Mix and thought I share it since I’m touring Europe for a bit in the next two weeks! Shanghai had it’s first lovely spring days a bit earlier then Europe/ Germany guess that’s the vibe you’ll catch on this mix. ->Update finally strong internet connection and with direct link!

[haiku url=”″ title=”Title of audio file” graphical=”true”]


“breakfast ♥” YUM YUM mix by Kamikaze aka handsomeboy hensel


YUM YUM Shanghai Line Up

Shanghai just shut down to celebrate the new year, the year of the ox.
Everything is closed, streets are empty and so are the clubs. The best time
to prepare at home new music for next months parties. DJ Passion
is coming out for a few shows in Asia; he will be paying at my other party
called BANANAS and do a set at Song in Beijing but more important:
DJ PASSION & KAMIKAZE at MAO for YUM YUM Saturday 21st February 2009



Shanghai Blitzreview

你好, we did it!
Only 5 days of promotion to get it going but with the help
of many friends and good faith YUM YUM had a great
Kick Off in Shanghai.

For the next one we might have nobody else then
DJ Passion from Stuttgart to help out on the Ones and Twos.
We keep you posted on this one.